Under The Lavender Moon

WELCOME!!! To..."Under the Lavender Moon"

This is a fun website loaded with my personal creative items, inspired by Nature, Animals, Spirit & my Heart!

A collection of creations I have made that give life to my soul. I have created some of these items for myself, family, friends or aquantances that put in a special order for something personal. Hand Crafted for themselves or as gifts to others. Something one of a kind and unique.

Some items I have listed for sale. I hope you may find something here that sparks your desires and imagination as well! I work with a variety of materials and I LOVE filling special orders!

Just for fun here is a photo of my small herb/flower garden with my Lavender growing tall hiding a Fairy statue. She is relaxing & enjoying a book right now.


Thank you for your Patience.....Work in Progress!

Please enjoy this photo of flowers that grows beside our home in Yelm, WA......

Thank you for your patience....this site is a work in progress! More will be added as time allows. Please come back to visit soon to see what is NEW! Thank YOU! ♥